Artwork Guidelines

Great art results in great products! We know that getting the right artwork can sometimes be confusing, but having great art will result in the best quality apparel, signage, and promotional products. We want to make the absolute best product we can for your brand, so here is how you can help us.

What we need (we will explain in more detail below):

  • Always provide a clean, usable VECTOR art file…not raster, and not photos.
  • The best files to send us are Illustrator (.ai, .eps, or .pdf), Corel (.cdr), Gerber (.plt), Flexi (.fs), or Signlab (.eps).
  • Convert fonts to “curves”, “outlines”, or “paths”, before sending.
  • To ensure that all artwork is received and output properly, it is highly recommended that an accompanying PDF be sent along with your files.
  • Provide all Pantone colors when available.
  • Double-check all spelling and grammar.

What is vector art?

Vector art is an image or Illustration made using geometric shapes, lines, and curves. Vector art must be created within a professional art program like Adobe Illustrator® or CorelDraw®.

Vector art can be reduced or enlarged without any distortion, loss of quality, or “pixelation”.

Promotional Artwork

What is raster/bitmap?

Raster or bitmap art is made up of pixels or bits which are small dots of color. A perfect example of a raster image is a photo you take on your smartphone.

Bitmaps are ideal for storing high resolution images like photos, but become very “jagged” or “pixelated” when enlarged or zoomed in.

Promotional Artwork

Can I send a photo or an image that has been copied off a website?

Unfortunately, not…these images are not vector.

So how do I “convert” my raster or bitmap image into vector art?

The short answer is…you can’t. You cannot drag and drop your raster art into a program like Adobe Photoshop® and save it as a .eps. This does not turn it into a vector file. It simply embeds the raster art into an .eps file format. The art is still made of small colored dots or pixels. Some professional artwork programs have functions that will “trace” a raster or bitmap image into vector, but this process can often result in very poor-quality vector images. If your artwork is not readily available in vector format, the art will need to be recreated or rebuilt. We are happy to help you with this process, but there is a fee associated with recreating art. Please give us a call.